My Review Policy

Will I review your book?

Novel Niche is currently open to book review requests for titles within the spectrum of Caribbean and Caribbean diaspora fiction, poetry, plays, memoir and non-fiction, including writing for young adult readers. Novel Niche is also currently open to titles from within the African and Indian literature categories, and their respective diasporas, as well as all other diaspora and minority writing.

I am particularly interested in reviewing Caribbean (and diaspora) writing that engages with queer identity themes and concerns, in any genre. 

The site is currently closed to all other solicitations, and is also closed to book tours for the foreseeable future.

With gratitude for your interest,


3 thoughts on “My Review Policy”

  1. Did you ever read Middlesex (Eugenides)? That one is a GLBT-type book.

  2. Terry-Ann said:

    Kamau Brathwaite’s History of the Voice. It is not a novel. It deals heavily with the language experiences and challenges of the diasporic slave. A good read. As well as, a novel on gender and sexuality, Cereus Blooms at Night by Shani Mootoo!!! Great read!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Ms. Ramlochan,
    I contacted you in January about a possible review of a book I wrote titled: IN Search of the Blue Lotus: A Feminist Counter-Narrative to the Dominant Hegemonic Discourse. You said that you were very interested and asked that I send you an electronic copy which I did. I am following up to see if it is on your list for review sometime soon. Thank you.

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