Story Sundays

Story Sundays is a weekly feature that seeks to prompt and share discussion on, as well as promote reading of, short stories, which we believe are an underrated source of fictional enjoyment and insight. All stories discussed will be available to read online, for free. The feature was created at Fat Books and Thin Women in January 2011, adopted at Novel Niche in September 2011, and is set to continue for the foreseeable future of many, many Sundays. The full list of stories covered so far at Fat Books and Thin Women can be found here.

If you’re interested in bringing to my attention outstanding short stories I haven’t yet featured, feel free to leave a comment on this page. If you would like to contribute a guest Story Sundays feature at Novel Niche, please make use of the contact form provided. If you’re keen on hosting the Story Sundays feature on a full/part time basis on your own blog/site, please send an e-mail to We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Full List of Featured Stories:

♣ September 2011:
“The Night Walk Men” by Jason McIntyre (featuring author Q & A)
“Rain” by Alexander McCall Smith

♣ October 2011
“Winter Break” by Hilary Mantel
“The Man from the Ad” by Idra Novey
“Still Life, With Wreckage” by Paulo Campos 

♣ November 2011
“Something More” by Erica Lorraine 

♣ December 2011
“How to Become a Mars Overlord” by Catherynne M. Valente

♣ May 2012
“What You Pawn I Will Redeem” by Sherman Alexie
“Jane” by McKinley M. Hellenes

♣ November 2012
“Marrying the Sun” by Rachel Swirsky
“Getting Marry” by Shakirah Bourne (featuring author Q & A)

♣ May 2013
“Earl Grey” by Sharon Millar
“The Gun” by Lisa Allen-Agostini

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