Reading Challenges & Projects

Reading challenges can be curious things: avid bibliophiles dare themselves to expand the richness of their reading lives, while hoping they can avoid stacking their literary plates too high. These challenges, I’ve found, can shape the way we read, or don’t read, through the course of an entire year, and most likely, far beyond that. Like all feats we aspire to complete, they tell us about ourselves: what we’re interested in, how we chart our expectations, how we decide on what marks a success or a failure. I will be using this space to record my reading challenges since Novel Niche’s inception: the good, the unfinished, the overarching and the triumphant!

Incomplete Challenges:

♣ [2011] British Book Challenge @ The Bookette
♣ [2011] Caribbean Writers Challenge @ Baffled Books

Challenges Freshly-Launched:

♣ [2012] Fictive Folk with Whole Words, a reading project hosted by Novel Niche

Projects In Progress:

♣ [2012] Yourself in Books
Day One: Which fiction to film adaptation broke your heart into several messy, inconsolable pieces?
Day Two: When last did you catch an incontrovertible glance of yourself in fiction, and did you like the way you looked?

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