Welcome to my Bookish Blog!

I am Shivanee, and I will be writing about books here…those I love, hate, those that suck me bone-dry, those that keep me up at night and away from work, and out of sorts with myself and the world. I’ll be writing about the best books and worst books, and those that fall almost anywhere in between.

Why? Because I love reading…and I love sharing what I read. I love engaging bibliophiles and anti-bookworms alike on reading — and I’d love to be similarly engaged by *you*. Yep, you. Talk with me, blog-universe. Let’s chatter about literature, lore, limerick: anything that’s been scribbled or scripted by anyone, anywhere! Or let’s just talk about damned good reads.

My doors are officially open. First review forthcoming.

~Shivanee R.

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