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For a while, I used to think of myself as more British in sensibility and temperament, than Caribbean. This is a feeling that’s been laid to rest with liberal helpings of common sense, perspective, and amazing West Indian food. (Just kidding about the food. It’s merely a bonus.)

Still, my love of phenomenal British literature abides, and so I could not resist from adding myself to the long list of participants in Becky (aka The Bookette)’s meticulously-organized and enthusiastically promoted British Books Challenge for 2011.

I’ll be entering in ‘The International Friend’ section, aiming to complete ‘The Royal Family’ challenge—that of reading 12 books by British authors. While doing up my final list, as with my Caribbean Writers Challenge ’11, I aimed to cover a wide range of genres, forms, concerns and literary voices.

The Challenge Shortlist (in no particular order)

{I will periodically update this list, as the books are read and reviewed.}

1. (Short Fiction) Books of Blood 1-3 by Clive Barker

2. (Novel) Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry

3. (Novel) Oranges are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

4. (Play) Indian Ink by Tom Stoppard

5. (Novel) The Eagle of the Ninth – Rosemary Sutcliff

6. (Novel) Gold – Dan Rhodes

7. (Novel) The End of Mr. Y – Scarlett Thomas

{Read and reviewed in April ’11, here.}

8. (Novel) The Golden Compass – Philip Pullman

{Read and reviewed in February ’11, here.}

9. (Novel) After the Fire, A Still Small Voice – Evie Wyld

{Read in September ’11, reviewed in October ’11, here.}

10. (Novel) The Golden Notebook – Doris Lessing

11. (Short Fiction) Free Love and other Stories – Ali Smith (one of the novels given in my Mother-Daughter Yuletide Exchange 2010.)

12. (Poetry) The World’s Wife – Carol Ann Duffy

[Official sign-ups are closed, but you can of course follow the challenge, if you wish!] This giveaway-packed challenge promises to be a pleasure, complete with far too many glorious cups of Earl Grey and (real or simulated) stormy-moor nights.

4 thoughts on “British Books Challenge @The Bookette

  1. Genna Sarnak

    This is fun! I’ll join, though my plate’s somehow become so crowded in the last few weeks that I can’t make any promises I will finish. I will try though!!

    Yay for challenges : )


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